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All mB_MatthiasD's Badges

mB_MatthiasD has earned 14 badges!
  • Junior Expert
    Junior Expert
    ‎July 14 2023
    Earned by 54
    One of your replies has been accepted as a solution. Thanks for your help!
  • Getting Awareness
    Getting Awareness
    ‎July 20 2023
    Earned by 67
    You have received 5 Likes for posting content that the community values. Keep it up!
  • Talker
    ‎September 22 2023
    Earned by 34
    You have posted 5 replies to the community. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!
  • First Topic
    First Topic
    ‎February 27 2023
    Earned by 99
    You have created your first topic! We look forward to hearing more from you!
  • Copper Member
    Copper Member
    ‎February 23 2024
    Earned by 106
    Thank you for joining myBODAS for the first year!
  • Viewer
    ‎February 27 2023
    Earned by 396
    Thank you for your first 10 message views!
  • Early User
    Early User
    ‎February 16 2023
    Earned by 35
    You are one of the first Users of myBODAS community. Thanks for joining!
  • Intermediate Expert
    Intermediate Expert
    ‎September 28 2023
    Earned by 13
    5 of your answers have been marked as Accepted Solution. Thanks for your effort!
  • Advanced Expert
    Advanced Expert
    ‎May 22 2024
    Earned by 7
    Already 10 accepted solutions! Keep it going!
  • On the Way
    On the Way
    ‎August 14 2023
    Earned by 20
    You posted 5 topics already! You are on the way to a regular publisher.
  • Much Appreciation
    Much Appreciation
    ‎November 29 2023
    Earned by 43
    The community appreciates your contributions! You have received 10 likes.
  • In the Focus
    In the Focus
    ‎December 19 2023
    Earned by 15
    Congratulations on earning 25 likes! Your posts seem to be very well liked by the community. We look forward to more quality contributions!
  • Watcher
    ‎August 15 2023
    Earned by 111
    You have now over 100 message views. Thank you for using our community!
  • Conversationalist
    ‎March 22 2024
    Earned by 16
    You have posted 10 replies to the community. We appreciate your conversations!