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This Hello World Template [C based] with WF210 includes compiler update along with the latest features and workarounds.

It consists of a generic BSW which the User directly can use for the application projects (without much changes in eC).



Summary of changes and new features


Compiler Update: From V1.3 to V1.4

Generic BSW:

  • All Pre-configured Multi-functional Input Pins
  • All scheduling tasks (1 each for different task time with 10ms configured for Postrun also)
  • Preconfigured CAN communication configurations (Baud rate
  • CAN Wakeup enable
  • Preconfigured DIDs for Parameters with different data types - 300
  • Preconfigured DIDs for Process data with different data types - 300
  • Preconfigured DFCs for Error management

Reference:  For HelloWorld BSW configurations, please refer ..\Prj_RCxx_HelloWorld_xx\_doc\HelloWorld_eC_BSW_Configuration.pdf



ASW has been restructured with individual modules for Inp, Outp, Com, Err, Uds, Nvm and Dbg etc., which includes following features:

  • Reading from different types of Inputs (with new IN APIs)
    • Analog
    • Frequency
    • PR4 SENT


  • Setting outputs with different combinations (with new OUT APIs)
    • Only HS control
    • HS-LS control
    • Safout combination


  • Receive and transmit CAN messages with different combinations
    • CAN Legacy (Rx and Tx)
    • CAN Databox (Rx and Tx)
    • CAN Signal based (Rx and Tx)


  • DID handling for BODAS-Service
    • Parameters
    • Process data
    • Nested-DID


  • Error handling - Reporting of errors with different debounce methods
    • NATIVE


  • CAN-Wakeup feature handling
  • Post run handling
  • Inhibit pins handlings in case of undervoltage/cranking
  • Parameter handling
  • NVM handling
  • Password Change within ASW
  • Workaround: DM1 Handling
  • XCP feature Enabling



Service-App is available in respective HelloWorld projects which can be imported into BODAS-service (path: Prj_RCxx_HelloWorld_xx\_serviceApp_import\build)



You can find the templates here:




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