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[BODAS Connect] Device Portal - Maintenance announcement

Announcement       BODAS Connect Device Portal - Maintenance announcement   Dear all,   due to an important security update, an unplanned maintenance of our infrastructure will take place in the following timeframe: Start: Wednesday, July 10, 06:0...

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What is Try it First(TIF)?

Explanation Purpose of Our "Try it First" Concept Our "Try it First" concept provides easy and free access to our BODAS application software, allowing you to download and customize it to meet your specific needs. Key Features: Prototype Phase: Duri...

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mB_SahitiK by Community Manager
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Request a price indication for your solution - Try it First

Our software has convinced you? Then contact us through our BODAS sales team. If you already have a contact person don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise, just write an E-Mail to and ask for an offer. In the process, we will info...

mB_SahitiK by Community Manager
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Download, customize & test it on your machine -Try it First

Once access has been granted, it is time to start your project. The myBODAS Download Space (Try it First folder) is now your point of interest where you find all necessary files. The myBODAS community will always be eager to give you advice and solu...

mB_SahitiK by Community Manager
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How to Get Access - Try it First(TIF)

How-To  Register for myBODAS and Apply for "Try it First" To participate in the "Try it First" program through our myBODAS Digital Experience Platform, follow these steps to gain access to essential software, tools, instructions, and documents: St...

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mB_SahitiK by Community Manager
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Hello World (C) and Codesys Training Sessions for 2024

Announcement   Training Schedule and Reservation   Date for 2024Programing languagePlaceSeats Reserved / AvailableDetails / TrainingsReservation Link20th- 21st March 2024CBosch Rexroth Ulm2 / 8Hello World SetupReserve Your Spot20th- 21st March 2024...

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BODAS-studio Training Sessions for 2024

  Announcement We are excited to announce our upcoming training sessions for the Toolchain this year. These sessions are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge, enabling you to make the most of this powerful suite of tools. Whether you're a ...

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Adrien by Moderator
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And that was a remarkable 2023 for BODAS Connect...

2023 @ BODAS ConnectA short reflection As the year 2023 comes to a close, it's time for BODAS Connect to reflect on what has been achieved and what the future holds. The past year has been transformative, marked by growth and innovation. BODAS Conn...

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Start - Try it First (TIF)

Explanation Purpose of our "Try it First" Concept With our "Try it First" concept you get easy & free access to our BODAS application software. You will be able to download and customize it according to your needs. After your prototype phase, you s...

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MarkoV by Moderator
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New Hello World Template smL210 RC/40 available

Announcement     Description   This Hello World Template [C based] with WF210 includes compiler update along with the latest features and workarounds. It consists of a generic BSW which the User directly can use for the application projects (withou...

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Software - Try it First (TIF)

Explanation Our Try it First Ready Software Our Try it First Ready Software portfolio can be split up in the following three parts. Try for free and only pay for what you need in series production*: Drive application software Work application soft...

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MarkoV by Moderator
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FAQs - Try It First (TIF)

1. Why shall I use TIF? TIF enables you to test and review our BODAS ASW (Application Software) solutions for free until you will have a serial use case.       2. How can I purchase TIF software for serial production? Our software sales program opera...

mB_SahitiK by Community Manager
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Support Info

Explanation       Support Information   Your customer experience is mission critical. myBODAS Customer Support is committed to providing the assistance you need to meet your  objectives and drive the most value from your application. All BODAS cust...

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Group Hub Info

Explanation       Group Hubs in myBODAS   The Group Hub feature is meant for a collaboration and communication between a specific customer and Bosch Rexroth only. Hidden group hubs Community users access Hidden group hubs either by invitation (by g...

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BODAS USS Training Slides

Announcement     BODAS USS TRAINING SLIDES I am happy to announce that a new version of the BODAS USS Trainings slides has been finalized. This will support you to understand the technical background of the USS-system and also the first testing wit...

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myBODAS - easyConfig working again

Dear myBODAS Users, we are happy to inform you that myBODAS incl. easyConfig is fully operational again. Please, clear the cache of your browser before you start to work again. Ctrl+Shift+Delete        

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How to find data sheets

How-To    Prerequisites You can find the data sheets of our products on the local websites. Make sure to select your country and language first:   Instructions Take a look at more technical details of our BODAS mobile electronics portfolio here. ...

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