Purpose of our "Try it First" Concept

With our "Try it First" concept you get easy & free access to our BODAS application software. You will be able to download and customize it according to your needs.

After your prototype phase, you simply decide what you like and want to use with our Rexorth Controllers in the future. Just order it via our credit invoicing system. Every application software has a certain amount of credits assigned to them. Just tell us your credit needs and you are free to use every Try it First Ready application software that is within the credit limit.

During serial production, we give you the freedom to decide whether you want to flash the software on our Rexroth Controllers yourself or have us do it for you.

For more information please have a look at our video down below. Our following step-by-step instructions will help you to TRY IT.

Main advantages summarised:

  • Easy & free access
  • No financial risks
  • Reduced development time
  • Customised machine solutions

How to "Try it First"


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Find your desired application software Register for myBODAS and apply for Try it First Download, customize & test it on your machine Request a price indication for your solution

You can choose the application software that suits you and your machine from our Try it First Ready product portfolio. Easily adaptable software for differtent purposes.


In myBODAS our Digital Experience Platform you will be able to download software, tools, instructions, and further documents for your Try it First project after you have accepted the terms & conditions (myBODAS account needed for access; just sign the T&C and send it to for Try it First and made a training to build up a basic knowledge about the tools you need for it. 

Once access has been granted, it is time to get started with your project. The myBODAS Download Space (Try it First folder) is now your point of interest where you find all necessary files. The myBODAS community will always be eager to give you advice and solutions for the challenges you may face leading to a rapid acquisition of skills in your company. In some cases we are also able to support you with engineering services.

Our software has convinced you? Then contact us through our BODAS sales team. If you already have a contact person don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise, just write an E-Mail to and ask for an offer. In the process we will inform you about the different handling options for series production.


Try it First Ready product portfolio

Register for myBODAS

Apply for training

Apply for Try it First roles*

*You first need to register for myBODAS and complete the basic training to be able to get the roles for Try it First in myBODAS. With the roles, you will be able to download everything for your project.

Tools information (soon)

Download Space

Find out your credit needs

Start an order request


You can find more information about "Try it First" by watching the video & reading the FAQ's





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